Welcome to Aid for Developing Countries!  (AFDC)  We do hope this site will aid you in finding out more about our ministries.
We are a group of like minded christian individuals who have been called by God to the mission field.  We are currently working in the country of Haiti.  For some time now we have been focusing our efforts on the area of Creve, Haiti.  It is located in the northeast corner of the country.  However, during our trip in July 2015 God has shown us other areas where we can expand our missions efforts.  
Beginning this year we will be partnering with Jean Claude and the School of Hope, Wilson’s compound, and Pastor Maurange Caneus’ orphanage.
Please go to Creve in the menu to see the work that has been completed in the Creve area and read more about our expanding efforts in other parts of the country of Haiti.  Please be in prayer as you explore our page about how the Lord might lead you in your involvement in helping us.  Most of all PRAY!  It is only through the power of prayer that we are able to accomplish all we have in the country of Haiti and expand to other areas that are in need.  Thank you!  And God Bless all of you!