In 2014 we began a new project at the school in Creve!  We started painting the classrooms.  Wow what a difference a coat of paint can make in a room.  The classrooms are all concrete.  Walls, ceilings, and floors.  Very little electricity so a small light fixture does not give out much.  Each room has a window, so most light is provided by the sun.  When the walls were painted the room came to life!  We are so excited about how this can encourage the children during school time.  2 rooms were completed while we were there.  We hope to continue to expand this project as funds will allow.  Please be in prayer for the children’s education in Haiti.

Library Project

A library in Creve…that is so exciting! The kids have never had a library and many, if not most of them, did not even know what one was until fall 2011!  A group from Texas was so gracious to build the beautiful shelves for the library! God has done amazing things in placing so many diverse people to perform so many various skills for Bro. Norcilus’ community.
In 2011, Bro. Norcilus was able to purchase 500 books; through gracious donors such as yourselves. This is not easy nor is it cheap. Many people have wanted to donate books, but it would be impossible to get them there. Shipping costs and customs fees are very expensive.


Please pray about this project and how it would be so beneficial…and fun for the kids. If this is an area that you would like give toward, please go to “Donate” below and select “Creve Library” in the Paypal.

Just think of how your children like to read, look at pictures and view the outside world. Many of these kids have not even seen their own capital city. They would love to see pictures of the world around them!

Thank you and God Bless!