After the earthquake in 2010 Pastor Merange witnessed the great need for an orphanage in Port Au Prince.  While in the city he came upon a child that was homeless.  This child had lost his parents in the earthquake.  He then discovered that there was a large amount of children who had become orphans when the earthquake hit.  He knew he could not help all of them, but if it was God’s will he would help as many as he could.  
He gathered 15 children and began to take care of them the best he could.  They were placed in a house in Port Au Prince to be cared for while Pastor Merange began the long arduous task of building a home for these children with a vision to eventually house 50.  
He has started construction on a 2 story house.  The 1st floor is almost complete and there are 14 children living at the Good Shepherd Orphanage.  They have electricity, running water, and a safe place to sleep.  These 14 children go to school and church each week.  
The building has to be certified by the government of Haiti to be considered an official orphanage.  This is what Pastor Merange is currently working on.  We here at AFDC are doing what we can to help him with this task.  The Pastor has certain things that have to be in place for the certification.  He is currently raising funds for these needs.  Some are listed here on this page.  If you would like to donate to the orphange, select “Good Shepherd Orphanage” in paypal and you can give to the orphanage for general use or for one of the specific items listed.  If you would like to designate your donation, before you confirm your paypal donation add a note where you would like the donation to go in the “add a special note for recipient” section.  
Please pray for Pastor Merange and the children he is caring for in Port Au Prince.  What a blessing for all of us to see how the Lord works through so many in Haiti!  God bless you!
Washing Machine (includes propane tank) – $490
Large dining room table – $200
Refrigerator – $725
Stove – $725
Dining room chairs – $221.20 for 14