3 years ago Jean Claude began the School of Hope.  He started out with only 10 students.  With no support at all, he felt that God had blessed himself and his family and he needed to give back to his community.  With much prayer the School of Hope began.  
Jean Claude is 1 of 11 children.  He was born and raised in the country of Haiti.  At the age of 12 he was discovered by an American missionary who provided him with an education through a sponsorship program.
This was truly a gift from God for Jean Claude and his family.  Through his education he was able to learn the English language.  This then provided him with the skills he needed to become an interpreter for incoming missionaries.  He has had the privilege of working with people from all over the world.  Jean Claude has been able to provide for his wife and 2 children for many years.  
After the earthquake in 2010 there were 1,000’s of Haitians were displaced from their homes.  Humanitarian aid set up tent cities for the people to have some kind of shelter from the weather.  Decaying conditions in these tent cities caused the government of Haiti to move all these people to the out skirts of Port Au Prince.  New villages of people began to form.  In these villages there as been next to NO aid from outside sources.  This is where Jean Claude discovered the area where he began his “School of Hope”.  
With money he made from being an interpreter he began building on a piece of land that was donated for the school.  He now has 7 buildings, 7 teachers, 2 cooks, 1 principle, 1 helper, and 1 janitor.  With 300 students grades K-4 he is fulfilling a call from God to give back to his community!  Please pray for Jean Claude and all his students as he looks to add grades 5-6 in the near future.  
Following is a list of needs at the School of Hope:
Teachers desks $50 ea. – needs 10
School Supplies – $500
Kindergarten chairs $4 ea. – 100 needed
If you would like to donate to any of these needs, please select below what you feel lead to give and designate under “School of Hope” where you would like your gift to go in the “add a special note for recipient” section before completing your paypal donation. 
Thank you in advance and may God Bless you for your giving!