The team visited a shelter that is operated by Wolson St. Veluis (we call him Wilson). AFDC has come to know Wilson and his “servants heart” over the past few years. Wilson has been a helper to us at the clinic for the past 5 years. As time went on he would bring people to the clinic in need of medical attention. Last year he asked us to come and see some people that were not able to come to the clinic; they were too sick or elderly. We followed him to a small area not far from the clinic where he showed us several people that he was caring for. There were about 50 people under a lean-to that were quietly sitting, and waiting for us to come and assist with their medical needs. The people had various health problems including; blindness, disabled by aging and some with birth defects. One girl with autism, some homeless and a few orphaned children. Ages ranged from 5-80+. We attended to their needs medically and physically by supplying them with some food. They had not eaten in 3 days. AFDC felt the Lord had placed them in our path for a reason. Through donations coming in for the people in this shelter, we have been able to send money monthly to keep them well fed.
This year the team was able to serve them again with medical needs. We continue to send funds for Wilson’s Shelter to help supply them with food. We were able to visit with Wilson and learn more about him and his heart for the needy in his community. He is a man with a giving heart and great compassion. He keeps the people under his wing and is there for them. He keeps them fed, clothed and sheltered as best he can with what resources he has.
We did have a generous donor send funds to have an outhouse built for them. As you can see from the photo on the left, they needed something!!
We are blessed to have donations coming in to help with food. If you would like to make a donation to help Wilson’s Shelter with food, medical needs, or repairs that are needed to the area where they stay please select Wilson’s Shelter in paypal.  
The most valuable thing anyone can do for the ministry of Wilson’s Shelter is to pray!  All things are possible with God!  



For donations for Wilson’s Shelter please add where you would like to designate your gift in the “add a special note for recipient” section of paypal before you finalize your gift.
Thank You!  God Bless you for your gift!