During our trip to Haiti in 2015 we were unable to go to Creve.  Pastor Francois was working on the facilities we stay in when we are there.  If all work is complete in 2016 we will return to the Creve area.

Our past trips have been focused on the area of Creve located in the Northwest area of Haiti.  This area is characterized by a very high unemployment rate (estimated at 80%), a high illiteracy rate (appr. 80%), and an average income of 2 US$/day.  There continues to be a shortage of food throughout the area with some people going for days without sufficient nutrition.    The schools in Creve are busy with approximately 900 student from K-13.  Bro. Norcilus currently has 3 Christian schools; two elementary and one high school. The best schools in the area are funded by churches and other Christian organizations through donations from the U.S. and other countries.    The water supply is provided by the Lord himself; natural spring water and cistern water that is collected from the roof tops when it rains.  The rain is then drained into a cistern where it is filtered by way of  settlement and sand.  It’s not clean water, but the cleanest they have.  There is a well at the school that is pumping clean water. We now have two water filters in place.  One is at the school and is used to filter the water that comes from the cistern there.  The 2nd filter has been placed at Brother Norcilus’s house and is used to filter water for the kindergarten school that is located directly behind his house.  This  enables the schools to provide good clean drinking water while the kids are there, and to use for cooking.    Electricity remains scarce and is provided mostly by solar panels or gas generators.  Both of which can be very costly.  Again, thanks to you, our caring donors; we were able to provide solar panels to power our new water filters!  We are, however, in need of more panels and/or generators to supply more electricity for the pump on the well and for the medical clinic.

 Please review our menu and be in prayer of how the Lord may lead you in your involvement in helping us.  Most of all PRAY!  It is only through the power of prayer that that we are able to accomplish all we have in the country of Haiti.  Thank you!  And God Bless all of you!