Agricultural Project

We appreciate all those that supported our garden project with prayers and financial support. We had started a garden project in 2012. It was an adult education program to teach the young men in the community how to plant, what to plant in the right seasons, and how to avoid erosion. At the beginning, this project showed progress and potential. The garden had even produced many vegetables; of which the school children got to experience with their lunches.
However, as time went on the progress began to subside and the garden was not producing any vegetation. During our 2014 trip we had to make the decision to no longer fund this project. It was a very difficult decision to make. We don’t see it as a failed project but as a lesson learned in cultural differences and language barriers. There were many that did learn from the garden and were able to plant gardens on their own. We do pray that they continue to share their experiences with others in the community. We want them to become self-sustaining people; to achieve on their own how to work the land that the Lord blessed them with.
Thank you so much to those who supported this project! Any attempts to help the community is a success!
Please be in prayer as we seek the Lord’s will in our next travels to Haiti. May He show us where support is needed and help us to continue to serve and bring Him the glory!!