Medical/Dental Care

Medical Update 2014
 The medical team consisted of two Haitian doctors, 3 American nurses, and two Haitian nurses. Various members of the AFDC team assisted each day at the clinic. Throughout the week they cared for 400 patients and referred 3 cases to the Baptist Medical Hospital in Port au Prince for advanced testing and treatment.
Monie: “I feel the Lord brought us there in time to help a very sick baby, named Wilderness. Her condition went from worse, to lifeless very quickly. We did not have adequate supplies so we had her transported to the hospital in Bombardopolis. By the end of the week, extra fluids and proper medications she went home healthy and happy! Praise the Lord!”
We have been in search of a US doctor that will not only go once, but will be a part of our annual trips to bring more consistency with the people there. We have found that consistency builds good relationships and trust. They have so many medical needs. We are only equipped to handle acute care needs, so often we have to send our more serious cases to Bombardopolis or to Port au Prince.
Please be in prayer about the medical needs of this area and our vision for better care. We often feel defeated by having so little to give; yet feel so fulfilled when we can help the ones like the story of Wilderness.
We are in search of doctors who specialize in; Pediatrics, OB/GYN, orthopedics, and optometry. Please contact us if you are interested in going.

Dental Update 2014

Dr. Ballou and my self worked 4 1/2 days as dental partners for the Creve community. We did almost exclusively extractions so as to help with pain and abscessed teeth. There were also two Haitian dentists that worked with us.
The three dentists extracted around 502 teeth! Like the medical clinic we could have been there around the clock in order to see everyone that wanted dental care. We would have liked to have been able to do dental cleanings, restorations and sealants but there wasn’t the capabilities to do them with no restorative equipment and extra help for the Dentist.
We also gave oral hygiene instructions for some students in our down time as we worked on the school property at the church. Dr. Ballou thought this was a great set-up as we had a place for people to wait without being in the hot sun. We also had a blind for cover so everyone could not see what was happening with treatments.
There were several companies that helped with donations of dental sup-plies, tooth brushes, toothpaste and all the things necessary to operate a make shift dental clinic. Sensodyne donated tooth paste; Butler and POH donated many tooth-brushes; Septodont gave us a mission kit with anesthetic, suture, needles, topical, gloves, etc. With a donation of extraction instruments from our local Patterson Den-tal Representative-Arlene, and Hufriedy, we were able to leave much needed dental tools for the Haitian dentist to use after we left.
We are grateful for Dr. Gibson, with whom we are employed; allowing both Dr. Ballou and myself to be off for the days there and travel. Also for AFDC for the opportunity to participate in the mission field. We enjoyed the days there and pray for the people of Creve, that they will continue to have improved living conditions and be a people seeking a relationship with the Lord. We love them and hope to see them again.