Sponsorship Program

2014 Sponsorship Program
AFDC is currently coordinating 161 students being sponsored. Some are sponsoring two or more students. For $25.00 a month you can help a child achieve their education from K-13th grades. The $25.00 pays for tuition, school supplies and one meal a day. This is probably the only meal they get that day. When AFDC goes to Haiti we try to see all the children whose sponsors are paying through our organization. We have been able to get updates on the students, give each one a gift and take an updated photo. While there, the student gets a photo printed off for the parent to keep. We encourage the sponsorship program to be a personal connection with that stu-dent; almost as if that student was your very own. We don’t want the program to just be about monthly payments; we want you to know your student. Helping them achieve their goals of succeeding in something; gives them a purpose: to get up each day and strive for suc-cess and a greater life. We are doing our best to improve the correspondence between sponsor and student. You can send a package to your student at any time. We also work with the students so they can do a craft to bring back to their sponsor; with their new photo.

The sponsorship program is very important to the future of the Haitian children.  This program allows each child an opportunity to go to school, and have a meal each day.  Often this is the only meal they get.  It gives them a purpose and hope for a future in a very poor country.  Better education gives them greater opportunities in Port Au Prince after graduation.   The financial commitment is $25.00/month.  This pays for their tuition, books and a meal each day.  There are two elementary schools and one high school in the Creve area.  The grades are K-1st, K-2nd, K-3rd, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th-first HS, 12th, second HS, 13th third HS. We are asking that those of you who want to sponsor a child consider making the commitment all through their education.  So many get sponsored for a few months to a year and then dropped for various financial reasons.  We do understand that things can change in all households.  This is why we ask that you prayerfully consider this commitment as long term.  We prefer to look at these sponsorship opportunities as new friendships and not just a ‘monthly payment’. During our trips we have been able to meet several of the sponsored children and their parent(s) or guardian(s).  Any sponsors that send their funds through AFDC have the opportunity to send gifts to the children and their families when we take our trips.  As we are growing you will be involved in an email loop that will tell you the best way to send correspondence and/or gifts directly or be informed of changes being made within the program. Not many children get this opportunity to go to a very nice Christian school.  Their government may even some day try to stop it or regulate it somehow.  In the meantime, we need to help them get through. Again, this program is vitally important.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us by going to our ‘Contact’ page.  There are older children that have been dropped from the program for different reasons that only have a year or two left. If you would rather have a high school child and pay for only a few years, please let us know.  If you have any preferences: age, gender, grade, birth date, please let us know and we can pick one out for you.  Be assured that any funds going into AFDC will only go where you designate.  Please write on the check “sponsorship program” and the child’s name if you know it.  Click here to see more pictures of the Sponsorship Program!  For those of you who have been sponsoring, God Bless you!!!  We are working on our correspondence issues between sponsors and their child.  Please pray for this program as we are in need of more sponsors.  Let us know if there are any changes you need to make with your current sponsorship.  There are many children that need this opportunity and don’t have it.