Improvement in Water Supplies

Current water supplies consist of wells and surface water sources. The wells have a limited supply and the surface water supplies consist entirely of springs that are heavily contaminated by runoff and overuse. Donations will be used to provide a safer and more dependable supply of water for drinking and cooking.

AFDC has provided new water filters built for Creve, Haiti. The water filters will provide a fresh water supply to the area for drinking and cooking.

There is now clean drinking water available!! Praise God!!


One pump was installed on the cistern at the property of Pastor Francois Norcilus for the locals in that area and the other at the school. This water is to be used for cooking and drinking. They are able to continue to get water out from the cistern for all other uses; such as, laundry, animals, dishes etc.

The water collected in the cistern is rain water collected from the roof tops. The water is contaminated by birds, bugs, leaves, dirt, etc. By solar power the water is pumped into a filter (the small blue one – see photos) which filters out the organic particles found in the water, bird droppings, leaves, bugs, dirt, etc. Then it pumps up into the larger tank (the rocket looking tube) and filters down into some carbon and other needed materials to filter and purify the water. Each filter will pump 500-800 gallons PER DAY! This then goes into a holding tank.

Please pray for these ongoing projects. We are hoping within the next few years fewer cases of parasites and diarrhea they are getting from the water. If you feel God leading you to give toward these projects please go to our “Contribute” page.