Good Shepherd Orphanage
But Jesus said,”Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me: for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  
Mark 10:13-16
Good Shepherd Orphanage began after the 2010 earthquake.  Pastor Maurange Caneus started taking in a few children that he found out on the streets that had lost their homes and parents in the earthquake.  He fed and housed them in a very small two bedroom house across from the landfill.  After it rained the landfill would flood onto their property.  It then became Pastor Maurange’s mission and ministry to build an orphanage.  In March 2010, two months after the earthquake, Pastor invited AFDC to come and visit the site of the house and meet the children. During this visit he asked if AFDC would pray and consider helping them build an orphanage.  
After seeing the children and the conditions they were living in, AFDC too began seeing the same vision for these children.  AFDC began raising funds to build a place that would be clean and safe for all of the children.  We also assisted in the process of getting the orphanage certified with the Haitian government.  
He now has 15 children in a one level orphanage.  They have “house parents’ that stay with them 24/7 and staff to assist with cooking and cleaning. The children are currently going to a public school.   We are hoping in the future AFDC can assist in building the second story of the orphanage.  When the second story is complete Pastor Maurange would like to have the boys on one floor and the girls on the other floor with a larger dining/social area.  Currently the boys are on one side of the house and the girls on the opposite side.
AFDC has been able to purchase eggs from the “Depchicken” project, which is a small chicken/egg business AFDC helped get started, for the children to have fresh eggs every month.  That has been a true blessing! The children are loving them!
Please pray for Pastor Maurange and the children he is caring for in Port Au Prince.  What a blessing for all of us to see how the Lord works through so many in Haiti!  God bless you!