Photo Gallery

Every year when we go to Haiti we meet new people in new places and experience new things.  Along with this excitement comes the reality that the dispare and poverty runs deep in Haiti.  So many area’s have not heard the gospel of Jesus.  This weighs heavy on all of the AFDC team.  To effectively minister to the people of Haiti, we must continue to go, share the gospel, teach, give medical aide, and love!      Progress, change, words that are not always linked to Haiti.  But we see it every year.  Any progress that occurs in our work in Haiti is only done by the hand of God.  We can see His hand at work here constantly.  We also know that these accomplishments are made by the help of the people who give.  We have many supporters here in the States.  Continue to pray for His guidance in what we do in the Country of Haiti.

Click through the albums below to see various pictures from each of our ministries.

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