School of Hope  
Jean Claude Degazon is 1 of 11 children.  He was born and raised in the Haiti.  At the age of 12 he was “discovered” by an American missionary who provided him with an education through a sponsorship program.  This was truly a gift from God for Jean Claude and his family.  Through his education he was able to learn the English language.  This then provided him with the skills he needed to become an interpreter for missionaries coming into the country.  This is how he has been providing for his wife and 2 children for many years.
After the earthquake in 2010, tent cities began to form throughout the city of Port au Prince for the homeless.  In 2014, the people who lived in tents or shacks were made to move out of the city to the outskirts of town.   New communities developed with next to NO aid from the government and few outside sources.  This is where Jean Claude started the “School of Hope”; fulfilling a call from God to “give back” the same opportunities he was given.
He started School of Hope September 8, 2011 with only 10 students.  He now has 500 students from K-9th grades, 23 teachers and 2 directors. AFDC has assisted Jean Claude in the provision of a cistern for the school, some building needs, school supplies, and some teachers’ salaries.  Jean Claude has been a treasure to us at AFDC as an interpreter for 20 years. When our organization is in Haiti serving as a medical team and working with other projects, Jean Claude is and always has been available to aide us in any way he could.
AFDC would like to continue this partnership with Jean Claude and help with needs that come up to better serve the students as they complete their education.
Jean Claude is always in need of school supplies, cook supplies/food/gas for cooking.  Maintenance needs for the school and a fence to be built around the property.  If you feel lead to possibly help with any of these areas, please go to our Ministry Needs page and make a donation.