Prayer is the greatest contribution anyone can make to our ministry.  Each year we stress to our church families, as well as members of our immediate families that we leave behind, how vital it is to have prayer warriors at home supporting us. Our missions work can not be complete without God.  We go into Haiti each year with goals we want to meet.  Our ultimate goal is to share the gospel with the lost people of Haiti and shower them with Christian love.  When our evangelism team shares the gospel with the people of Haiti we ask them what they would like for us to pray for them?  Following is a sample of some of the prayer requests we have received:


  • “I would like to get closer to God, have a house for my family”- 31 y/o female with 6 children
  • “For God to protect my life and my family” – 31 y/o female with 2 children
  • “Need rain to plant seeds for garden” – 26 y/o female with a 9 month old.
  • “Changes for my country” – 34 y/o female with 3 children
  • “A job for my husband” – 30 y/o female with 3 children
  • “I need help with my children, their father is dead” 31 y/o female with 3 children
  • “Good labor” 31 y/o female – 9 months pregnant
  • “To have a safe life; to protect my life; to have a happy life” 16 y/o female
  • “I ask God for direction in my life” – 35 y/o female with 2 children
  • “I want to thank God for all things. I need a job” 31 y/o female 3 children no father.
  • “I thank God for His grace and love” 23 y/o female with 7 month old

Please pray with us as we lift the prayers of Haiti to our Lord and Savior!