If you are local here in NW Arkansas and would like to volunteer to help our mission, please go to our “contact us” page and submit your information. Some areas that local volunteers can contribute are: donation of building space for garage sale fundraising, donating garage sale items (no clothes or shoes), volunteering to work during the garage sale, working in craft booths during craft fair time, creating crafts you would like to donate to sell during craft season. Please include on the contact form in your message what you would like to offer to help us help Haiti. The cost of the trip is approximately $2000.00. This includes airfare, in-country food/water, lodging, in-country transportation, and interpreters fees. It does not include, passport fees, immunizations, souvenirs, or personal preferences to foods or items needed for travel. If you are interested in traveling to Haiti on a missions trip, please read and fill-in the Volunteer Registration below.  All information is required before submitting the volunteer registration.    

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